False Confessions

False Confessions
Did you confess to a crime that you didn’t commit? Watch this video to learn about false confessions and how our criminal attorneys can protect your rights.

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What can be done if I confessed to a crime I didn’t commit?


Very often, in my role as a criminal defense attorney, I’m told that the person’s already confessed.False Confessions Confessing means a lot of different things to different people. If you’ve confessed to a family member or to some other friend, it will depend on whether that person is going to come forward and disclose what you’ve said. If you’ve confessed to a police officer, very often the circumstances of that confession are important. I’ve had a lot of confessions thrown out over the years because it was an interrogation-type situation; they weren’t read their Miranda Rights or the officer has misled somebody into believing that there is some benefit to confessing. In all cases, if you’ve confessed to something, contact a lawyer and discuss the situation, because when you tell a lawyer what happened, those discussions with a lawyer are privileged and the lawyer doesn’t have to disclose them to anybody, and they can figure out what route you need to take to undo what you’ve done.

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