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Hazardous Road Motorcycle Accident

Injured on a motorcycle due to hazardous road conditions? Watch this video to learn about your rights if you’re involved in a hazardous road motorcycle accident in Texas.
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Question: Can I file a motorcycle accident claim if I’m injured by a pothole or hazardous road?


Sometimes a motorcycle accident is caused because some of our Texas roads aren’t the best. Sometimes it’s a matter of the county not taking care of the roadways if you’re hurt out riding in a rural area. Sometimes it’s a construction site. Hazardous Road Motorcycle Accident There are all sorts of things that affect the roadways. Those cases have very specific laws that apply to them. We hold our governments accountable, but it goes all the way back to England when they used to say the king can do no wrong. It’s harder to sue the county or the state of Texas for poorly maintained roads. Can it be done? If you have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, they can navigate those waters for you.

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