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Driver Fatigue Accidents

Dangers Caused by Driver Fatigue

Texas highways are becoming increasingly crowded by semitrucks and tractor-trailers — posing increased dangers to all others on the road. Driver fatigue is a major cause of fatal trucking accidents in Texas.

Driver Fatigue Accidents San Antonio Truck Accident LawyersRegulations are created to help curb these dangers, but they are not always adhered to. Drivers must adhere to mandatory rest periods in order to prevent driver fatigue. Drivers pushed to meet deadlines and increase profit margins may skip the rest period posing a major threat to other unsuspecting drivers.

Holding Truck Drivers Responsible for Driver Fatigue and Log Violations

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Rules allow for 11-hour driving sessions only after 10 hours (consecutively) not driving for tractor-trailer truck drivers. In addition, tractor-trailer truck drivers are not allowed to drive after the 14th hour after starting their shift, and only after 10 hours off-duty. Tractor-trailer truck drivers are allowed 60 hours work in seven consecutive days or 70 hours in eight consecutive days. On-duty cycles may be restarted after tractor-trailer truck drivers takes 34 or more consecutive hours off-duty. An experienced Texas trucking accident lawyer is aware of the driving regulations placed on truck drivers and will investigate into whether these rules were broken.

Any failure to adhere to these can result in serious accidents and devastating injuries to the other vehicles involved. We are committed to holding responsible drivers accountable for reckless practices. Call our law offices today.