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Nursing Errors

Experienced Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyers Holding Hospitals Accountable for Nursing Errors and Negligent Nurses

Nursing Errors Nurse Negligence Texas Medical Malpractice LawyersNurses have a great deal of responsibility and therefore a great deal of influence in the care and recovery of patients. When nurses exceed their authority, neglect their duties or make careless mistakes, it can trigger severe injury, needless suffering or death.

Our legal team holds hospitals and nursing homes accountable when nursing errors turn tragic. Based in San Antonio, we handle medical malpractice and hospital malpractice lawsuits across South Texas, including actions centering on the conduct of nurses and hiring and staffing practices.

Can You Sue A Nurse For Malpractice?

Although nurses are licensed professionals, they are usually employed and insured by the hospital, clinic, surgery center or nursing home. Thus, the malpractice lawsuit will typically include both the nurse and the medical facility.

Our medical malpractice team conduct a thorough investigation of a traumatic incident or questionable death, holding nurses and their employers accountable for:

  • Medication errors (overdose or wrong drug)
  • Infection from nonsterile procedures (IVs, needles)
  • Tending to patients while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Patient neglect and substandard care
  • Failure to monitor vital signs
  • Surgery errors
  • Practicing medicine/exceeding authority
  • Failing to conduct background checks
  • Understaffing and excessive hours

Nurses have a duty to monitor the skin integrity of bedridden patients and reposition them at regular intervals..

Direct Contact With an Experienced Attorney

Board-certified trial lawyer* Robert Rush personally oversees your case and consults with a board-certified physician to review the medical aspects of the case and whether we can establish negligence. We are one of the few firms in San Antonio that handles medical malpractice, in part because we have the resources and courtroom record to take these cases to trial.

To discuss your possible claims against a hospital for nursing negligence, contact us today for a free consultation.

* Certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy