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Holding Trucking Companies Responsible for Negligence

Truck accidents cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths each year in Texas alone. While sometimes a careless motorist or inattentive pedestrian is partly at fault, trucking accidents often trace back to the actions or inaction of truck drivers, employers and truck owners.

Trucking Company NegligenceTo collect compensation for serious injuries, it may be necessary to establish that the trucking company was negligent. You need an experienced attorney to stand up to demonstrate liability and stand up to the insurance companies for full damages.

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Tracing the Negligence in Truck Accidents

Potential causes of action against a trucking company and its driver may include:

  • Negligent hiring and retention — Failing to conduct background checks; failing to verify proper licensure and claimed experience; continuing to employ a driver after serious trucking violations, traffic violations or accidents
  • Negligent training — Failing to provide mandated or industry-specific instruction in operating a tractor-trailer or other regulated truck
  • Negligent entrustment — Allowing a person to operate an 18-wheeler or another large truck without a valid CDL (commercial driver’s license) or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Negligent maintenance — Bald tires, worn brakes, noncompliant lights or reflectors, broken doors, loose mudflaps, or other neglect in maintenance and repair
  • Other negligence — Speeding, unsafe lane changes, failing to maintain a safe distance, running a traffic signal; texting while driving or other prohibited behavior; weight limit violations; federal Hours of Service violations (too many hours behind the wheel)

Texas has far more truck accidents than any other state. This is due to many factors: thousands of long-haul trucks passing through Texas on I-35, I-10 and I-37, the sheer number of highway miles in Texas, traffic congestion in major cities, and tanker trucks coming and going in the Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford Shale plays. When truck drivers and transportation companies put deadlines and profit ahead of public safety, the results can be catastrophic.

Sophisticated Representation for Complex Cases

Robert Rush is an experienced and board-certified trial lawyer* who has obtained significant verdicts and settlements in truck crash cases in the San Antonio area and throughout Texas. We invest in accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to show how the commercial entity or its driver was negligent. We have experience in cases with multiple vehicles and cases with multiple defendants, as when the tractor and trailer are owned by separate companies or third parties contributed to the crash.

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