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Truck Accident Liability

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Question: Who can I sue after being injured in a truck accident?


If you’ve been injured because a commercial vehicle driver caused an accident, there are multiple responsible parties. Most certainly, the driver of the vehicle. If they’re the careless one that caused the wreck, you need to go after them. You also need to go after that driver’s employer because they’re the one that put that driver behind the wheel. One of the things we found over and over again is that there are drivers out there that have no business being on the road, and the company knows it, but they put them out there anyway. Truck Accident Liability There are other people involved as well. Sometimes there are different companies using the truck for shipping. There are different companies brokering. There are different companies owning the trailer. Sometimes there are even different companies that employ the driver. The only way for you to get full and fair compensation is to get all of them involved and all of them need to pitch in to make sure you’re paid.

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