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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Were you injured in a truck accident? Watch this video to find out what’s important to know about commercial vehicle accidents and your rights.

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Question: What should I do after a commercial vehicle accident?


There are a lot of commercial vehicles on Texas roadways. The first thing that needs to happen if you’ve been involved in an accident with one of these vehicles is get medical attention immediately. These vehicles are larger than passenger-cars. They can be up to 85,000 pounds. If they crash into you – even if you don’t immediately feel something – the force that your body has just gone through needs medical attention. That commercial vehicle, and their company, have lawyers that are ready to go. They’ve got their team called Commercial Crash Teams prepared to fight. They’re going to be at the scene collecting evidence. They’re going to be at the scene trying to figure a way to make sure they can get out of what they’ve caused.
Commercial Vehicle Accidents
You need an experienced team to do the same thing. We hire reconstruction experts and engineers. We hire police investigators. We hire everybody that’s needed, and we get out to the scene right away. The sooner you hire someone, the better. There is evidence to be found and protected, and you need to have your team looking at it just like the truck company has their team looking at it.

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