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Types of Car Accidents

Experienced San Antonio Injury Lawyers Helping Obtain Compensation for all Types of Car Accidents

Any type of auto accident can leave drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other individuals with severe injuries. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, take action immediately to protect your rights and your family.

Types of Car Accidents San Antonio Injury Lawyers Free ConsultationsOur goal at Rush & Gransee, L.C., is to work with you to achieve the outcome you desire and the compensation that you deserve. We will make sure that your legal interests are protected and that you receive all benefits to which you are entitled. We will communicate with you regularly, and we are always available to answer your questions, advise you of all settlement offers and keep you informed at all significant stages of the legal process.

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Our auto accident clients know that we will always look out for their best interest and will keep them apprised of the status of their case. A lawyer with over 25 years experience will handle your case from start to finish, and know that you will always be able to talk with the attorney handling your case. Our client consultations can either be done one-on-one or over the phone, whatever is the most convenient to our clients.

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Types of Car Accidents

  • Head-on collisions: When a driver drifts over the center line or is driving the wrong way on a road, it is other motorists who are in harm’s way. Often, head-on collisions are caused by drunk drivers or impaired drivers. If you have been injured in a head-on collision, we can help.
  • Rear-end crashes: Being rear-ended can put a great deal of strain on your neck and back, as well as cause serious head injuries. Rear-end collisions are often defended by insurance companies with the argument that it was just an accident that can happen to anyone. Do not fall for that ploy. The issue is whether the driver who rear-ended you was negligent. Clearly, if you were struck from behind when stopped the other driver was negligent. Our firm stands up for the rights of clients who were injured in a rear-end accident.
  • Broadside (T-bone) accidents: Passengers are often injured in broadside accidents. After being T-boned, both injured drivers and injured passengers should seek legal representation to ensure their rights are protected. The problem in many broadside accidents is that the officer doesn’t interview everyone because the injured driver is taken by ambulance to the hospital. The dispute then becomes who had the right-of-way.
  • Hit-and-runs: While you may be overwhelmed and confused after a hit-and-run, you still have options for seeking compensation. We will attempt to determine who the at-fault driver was and where he is located. Often, the police department may have information that will help in locating the at fault driver but because of its low priority they may not have done a sufficient investigation. If you have uninsured drivers coverage on your own auto policy it is possible to make a claim. Your own insurance company may be liable if the identity of the hit-and-run driver is not discovered. Recent case law has made claims involving uninsured drivers more difficult.
  • Drunk driving accidents: Drunk drivers often hit other drivers, leaving them with serious and even fatal injuries. We are one of the most qualified firms in Texas to pursue claims against drunk drivers. Members of our firm have litigated hundreds of cases involving drunk drivers. We help clients who have been injured by a drunk driver.
  • Distracted driving accidents: When a driver is texting while driving or otherwise distracted, he or she can cause a devastating accident that results in serious injuries to other drivers and passengers. Though it is not illegal to talk on a cellphone in Texas while driving, it is clearly a distraction. In fact studies have shown that talking on a cellphone can result in a driver impairment similar to drunk driving. In fact texting while driving is not illegal and is much more distracting than talking.

We Also Handle The Following Types of Car Accidents

  • Truck and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Fatal car accidents

In many car crash cases, we can assist with car rentals, doctor visits and property damage claims. We also provide free initial consultations and home visits. In most cases, we assist with property damage claims at no charge and also assist with personal injury protection (PIP) at no charge. Also, for no charge we will contact the medical lien holders, medical providers and health insurance companies to negotiate a reduction in any claim they may have to the recovery. Occasionally, the reduction in medical liens we are able to negotiate for our car accident clients are greater than the attorney’s fees.

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