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Experienced San Antonio Brain Injury Lawyers Helping Brain Injury Victims Obtain The Maximum Compensation

San Antonio Brain Injury Lawyers Experienced Texas Accident AttorneysAfter you’ve been injured in a car crash, truck wreck or other accident through someone else’s negligence, you may still be suffering months after you were hurt because of damage that you or a loved one suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury. Sometimes, the effects of head injuries and spinal cord injuries are subtle — maybe you can’t do the things you used to, or maybe you are experiencing debilitating pain that prevents you from working.

At the San Antonio law office of Rush & Gransee, L.C., we provide legal representation for people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Our lawyers are highly experienced in the medical field as it applies to the law — our staff includes a medical doctor who is also a lawyer. With his knowledge of medicine and our network of medical consultants and professionals, we have the resources necessary to effectively pursue and conclude your TBI case.

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Brain injuries result in serious problems that you may have to deal with for the rest of your life. It’s only right that the person responsible for your brain injury should pay for your medical bills, lost wages, extra care and pain and suffering. You probably wonder what you can do, or you wonder if you can even prove that you suffered brain damage at all.

Occasionally, we have our clients treated by respected neurologists, psychologists, and specialists in the fields of rehabilitation. This benefits our clients’ health but also allows us to properly evaluate the brain injury or nerve damage done through the fault of some other responsible party. Proper medical treatment allows your attorney to evaluate the value of your claim. Proper treatment and evaluation also allows us to communicate to a jury or to an insurance company the extent of your injuries.

We have successfully litigated many personal injury cases. Our Texas brain injury attorneys have over 40 years of practical legal experience. If you are trying to get your life back to as normal as possible after suffering a brain injury, we can help.

Types of Brain Injuries

Our firm handles all types of serious brain and head injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Closed head injury
  • Open head wound injuries
  • Concussions
  • Contrecoup injuries
  • Comas resulting from head injuries
  • Brain damage due to lack of oxygen (hypoxia)

Frequently Asked Brain Injury Questions

What should I do if I suffered a brain injuryWhat should I do if I suffered a brain injury?

Brain injury cases are very different cases. If a family member has suffered a brain injury as a result of some careless act, you understand that devastation. They’re different because brain injuries require specialists to diagnose and special tests.

People can seem normal. They can look normal, maybe talk normally, but have serious brain injury that affects different parts of their life. Usually, the people that live with brain injury victims see the difference of before and after. They are very intricate. They are very complex. Only an attorney experienced in brain injuries who understands Texas Law can help you.

Should I speak to the insurance company about my brain injury claim?

Oftentimes in brain injury cases, clients are very nervous because if you’re in a lawsuit, the other side wants to take your deposition, ask questions of you, and find out your side of the case. If you’ve had a brain injury, that’s not always easy to handle. Texas law says more often than not you’re going to have to give a deposition. You’re going to have to tell your side of the case.

If your saying, I don’t remember; that’s blacked out; I can’t do that anymore,” then that’s your side of the case. In serious brain injury cases where a person’s cognitive function is so diminished that answering questions would only lead to harm, or lead them down a road where they can’t get out of, we can file motions. An experienced brain injury lawyer can ask the judge to limit those things. The only way you can protect yourself and your family is to have a lawyer that understands what a brain injury is and what it means to you.

How do I prove I have a traumatic brain injury?

Brain injuries are very difficult to detect. There are all sorts of specialists. Some neurologists deal specifically with headache issues and post-concussion issues. Some deal with other types of brain injuries.

There’s neuropsychologists who can do a battery of tests to determine what parts of your brain are affected and not affected. How do you know if you have a brain injury case? How do you know what your brain injury is going to be like 5 years or 10 years from now? The only way to know is to have someone experienced on your side who has access to the experts who can inform you of what’s going on.

Do I have a claim if the ER doctors misdiagnosed a brain injuryDo I have a claim if the ER doctors misdiagnosed a brain injury?

Many times after a serious accident, whether it’s a trucking accident or a car accident, people go to the emergency room. Those doctors are trained to make sure that bleeding has stopped, and that broken bones have a cast on it. Many times, they even will do a CAT scan of your head if they think you’ve bounced around, hit your head, and got an injury. More often than not, brain injuries are not detected in the emergency room. Things are happening fast. They’re trying to get you patched up and on your own, so you can go see a medical professional.

If the emergency room records don’t point out that there’s a brain injury, that doesn’t mean one didn’t happen. It just means they didn’t pick up on it. Only a neurologist specializing in these kinds of injuries can read those CAT scans and MRIs can make those determinations. Don’t think you don’t have a case just because the emergency room said you’re okay.

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