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Improper Truck Load Accidents

The Eagle Ford Shale deposit stretches across South Central Texas from the Eagle Pass and Laredo area up through Cotulla, Floresville, Gonzales, Burleson and Brazos. It is believed that this rich mineral deposit is one of the largest untapped natural gas and oil sites in the United States. For several years now, oil and gas companies, along with all of the supporting companies providing equipment and site support, are invading the area from top to bottom and with it, bringing a great influx of traffic activity to the area. Read Our FREE Truck Accident Guide Along with opportunity comes the potential for danger to workers in this area. Because many trucking jobs have become available and for other reasons, there has a been a huge increase in traffic in parts of South Central Texas. Many of these roads were never intended to carry a large volume of traffic. Some roads are crumbling due to the weight of semi trucks and other vehicles. The result? An increased number of 18-wheeler crashes. If you live in the Eagle Ford Shale area, you have personal knowledge of the sizeable increase in heavy commercial vehicle and 18-wheeler traffic overloading the roadways. Many times, these large commercial vehicles seem oblivious and unconcerned about residents of Karnes County, Live Oak County, Atascosa County, LaSalle County, Dimmit County, Zavala County, or one of the many other areas affected by this traffic increase. People who are part of the motoring public that travel through these areas for work or pleasure, find themselves fighting for their safety among the maze of trucks. Some of the most common causes of car and commercial trucking wrecks include:
  • Dangerous roadways, which were not created to accommodate such large volume of traffic
  • Inexperienced drivers who have been recently hired by oil and gas companies
  • Overworked drivers who are beyond their lawful Hours of Service
  • Fatigued drivers who are working numerous hours above and beyond what the Safety Regulations allow
  • Poorly maintained and inspected trucks and equipment due to overuse and understaffing
  • Dangerous speeds due to demands companies place on their drivers to move more loads
If you have suffered an injury due to a collision in South Central Texas — near the Eagle Ford Shale exploration and drilling sites or anywhere in Texas — you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Commercial enterprises with company vehicles, whether oil and gas companies, equipment companies, transport companies, or other, are expected to provide safe working conditions for their employees and for the motoring public, which includes hiring qualified and experienced workers and taking proper safety precautions by following the Safety Regulations that protect all of us. When they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for their actions and for the harms, injuries and losses they cause. We also represent individuals who have been injured in Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas accidents. Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation If you have been injured in an Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas injury accident, please contact an attorney from the law office of Rush & Gransee, L.C., of San Antonio, Texas. In a free consultation, we can help you determine your legal options and help you seek compensation for your injuries.