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Truck Accident Claims

Were you seriously injured in a truck accident? Learn about truck accident claims in Texas and what’s important to know in this video.

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Question: Are truck accident claims the same as a car accident?


When people call and ask us about a commercial vehicle accident in Texas, a lot of times they think it’s just another case. It’s not. Commercial vehicle cases are a special kind of case. They can be complicated, but with an experienced lawyer, they can be handled. There are federal regulations that apply to the drivers, the company, owners of the tractor, owners of the trailer, and the brokers. There are all sorts of people in play in one of these cases. In this 80,000 pound vehicle, the tractor may be owned by one person, and the trailer may be owned by another. Some other company might have put an inexperienced driver in the seat, and some other company might have overloaded the trailer and made it unsafe.
Truck Accident Claims
All of this requires experience eyes to look over the case. It requires experts in the field that understand the federal regulations. It requires experts in the field that know how to reconstruct crashes involving 80,000 pound vehicles. These cases are different and they require lawyers that have done it before and have done it successfully.

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