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Experienced San Antonio Rollover Accident Lawyers Representing Victims Injured In SUV Rollover Accidents in Texas

Were You in an Suv Rollover? If you are involved in a motor vehicle rollover and no other vehicle is involved, what can you do to pay your medical bills and get your feet back on the ground? If you are a passenger, you may have a claim against the driver and/or the manufacturer of the vehicle. If you are the driver, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the truck or SUV.

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San Antonio Rollover Accident LawyersSuburbans, Tahoes, Jeeps, Expeditions, Tundras and nearly all pickup trucks have a glaring design and marketing flaw. The flaw is that they are promoted and perceived as a safer vehicle especially for young inexperienced drivers. The manufacturers as well as the dealers promote the field of view and rugged character of the sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks as being a safer option for young drivers. Even experienced drivers can fall victim to some of the vehicles’ inherent stability problems.

False Sense Of Security

Many SUVs are purchased because of their size and perceived safety. Such a large vehicle can make one feel safer and less likely to be injured in an auto accident. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Inherent design flaws in the SUV actually make it one of the most dangerous vehicles on the market under certain driving conditions. Manufacturers can be responsible for injuries that arise due to these unsafe design flaws. If you have been in an SUV rollover accident, seek the assistance of experienced San Antonio rollover accident lawyers right away. These types of cases are very technical and often require the assistance of expert witnesses to prove your case.

SUVs are taller vehicles, making their center of gravity higher than normal passenger vehicles. Under evasive driving conditions, such as swerving to avoid a collision, the SUV has been shown to tip and rollover much easier than normal passenger vehicles. This tip factor is enhanced at high speeds and when there is a curb or another tripping mechanism involved in the accident. Some of the smaller SUVs such as older Jeeps have a narrow stance that also increases the vehicles’ likelihood of a rollover. It’s important to act quickly if you have had an SUV rollover. Evidence needs to be secured quickly in order to build a solid case. The law firm of Rush & Gransee, L.C., aggressively pursues Texas SUV, pickup and van rollover cases for its clients.

Another sometimes fatal flaw of the SUV is the proclivity of the roof to crush when the vehicle rolls over. The SUV’s roof is not always adequately reinforced in order to support its own weight in the event of a rollover. What this means to the driver is a high probability of serious neck and spinal cord injuries. As the vehicle rolls, the roof is crushed into the driver and passenger’s head room causing head, neck and spinal cord injuries that may not have otherwise occurred. The manufacturers of SUVs are responsible for this fatal flaw, so it is imperative that you contact an experienced Texas SUV rollover accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Find out if You Have a Case

The San Antonio rollover accident lawyers at Rush & Gransee, L.C., will hire accident analysts and medical consultants. These experts will investigate the cause of the car crash and explain to the court the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries. We have a lawyer, of counsel to the firm, who is also a medical doctor who will help explain the fault of the SUV manufacturer for your extensive injuries.

If you have been injured in a SUV rollover, passenger van rollover or another motor vehicle accident, contact the lawyers at Rush & Gransee, L.C., today. We handle cases and serve clients in San Antonio and throughout Texas. Rush & Gransee cases are, for the most part, contingency fee basis cases. You pay no legal costs unless we get a settlement for you, or we win your case at trial. Call (210) 239-0771 to schedule a free initial consultation, or contact us online.

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