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Experienced San Antonio Assault Lawyers Helping Prevent the Consequences That Come With Assault Charges

The incident itself might have been minor, but the consequences of assault charges can be major. You could lose your freedom, your job, your gun rights and more. The victim’s account is often fabricated or blown out of proportion and the authorities don’t want your input.

San Antonio Assault Lawyers Criminal Attorneys Free ConsultationRush & Gransee, L.C., will strongly assert your rights if you have been arrested and charged with assault. Our San Antonio assault lawyers will make sure that your side of the story is heard. We will vigorously represent you in motions, hearings, negotiations and at trial to clear your name or minimize the punishment.

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Experienced Criminal Defense for Assault and Battery

A basic charge of assault with no lasting injury is a class A misdemeanor, carrying the possibility of jail time and all the baggage of a criminal record. If the person suffered serious bodily harm or a weapon was involved, you may be charged with aggravated assault, a felony crime with the possibility of prison and loss of civil rights.

All too often, police only interview the alleged victim and do not bother to get the other side of the story. The prosecution takes the victim’s statement at face value or only interviews the witnesses who are eager to support the victim’s version of events.

Kurt Gransee is former Bexar County prosecutor with 20 years of experience in Texas criminal defense. He will conduct a thorough investigation to counter the prosecution’s case. He will assert all defenses and mitigating factors such as:

  • Self-defense or defense of another person
  • Defending your home or property
  • Provocation by the victim
  • Exaggeration of the threat or injury
  • Whether any assault even occurred
  • Whether a weapon is connected to the altercation

Our criminal defense lawyers have handled fights at bars or sporting events, school fights, altercations between neighbors or parents, and many other scenarios, including the separate matter of domestic assault.

Our goal is to get unfounded charges dismissed or prejudicial evidence or statements suppressed. In some cases, we can negotiate a plea to a nonfelony offense or a lesser charge, such as disorderly conduct, to avoid more severe penalties. Sometimes, we can negotiate anger management classes, probation or other alternatives to jail. Kurt Gransee prepares from the beginning for the possibility of defending you at trial if necessary to avoid an assault conviction.

We Understand the Future Ramifications

A conviction on assault charges labels you as a dangerous person and sets you up for more trouble if you are ever involved in another altercation. It creates problems for employment, housing, college and other aspects of life.

For true defense, contact Rush & Gransee, L.C., to arrange a consultation with our experienced San Antonio assault lawyers.

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