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Drug crimes can result in serious consequences. They can change the course of your entire life. Drug possession, drug trafficking, manufacturing of a controlled substance, and distribution charges can cost you your job, custody of your children, and could even cause you to get evicted if you’re a renter. If you’re convicted, you face the possibility of imprisonment, fines, and a lifetime of being branded as a felon. That could make it hard for you to find a good job or adequate housing. You could lose your right to own a gun or to vote. You may even lose your ability to qualify for a student loan if you decide you want to go back to school. To give yourself the best possible chance, you need an experienced and aggressive south Texas drug crime lawyer who understands the state laws and the criminal justice system.  

A San Antonio Drug Crime Lawyer Can Help You Protect and Exercise Your Rights  

An allegation by the State is just that: an allegation. Yet, many people who are accused of a drug crime are tried in the eyes of the public before they ever step foot in front of a judge. Law enforcement may pressure you or even lie to you in an effort to get you to admit you did something wrong. That pressure, and how you’re treated, can cause you to say something that you shouldn’t. It could lead you to accepting responsibility when you shouldn’t. This highlights the importance of retaining a south Texas drug crime lawyer to help you protect and exercise your rights.  

You can start by exercising your right to remain silent and have a lawyer present during questioning. This will help ensure that you don’t say something you shouldn’t. It also offers you peace of mind by providing you with the assurance that someone is looking out for what is in your best interest and telling you the truth.  

Most Common Drug Charges in South Texas  

In south Texas, the most common drug charges are drug possession, trafficking, federal drug charges, and possession with the intent to distribute. Kurt Gransee, an experienced San Antonio drug crime lawyer represents defendants facing these charges and other drug charges as well.  

Drug Possession Basics 

If you’re charged with drug possession, you’re being accused of violating the Texas Controlled Substances Act. You may also face additional charges. There are various defenses that may be available depending on the facts surrounding your case: 

  • You didn’t know that you were in possession of the drug(s).  
  • The drug isn’t for human consumption. 
  • The drug has a new drug application under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  
  • The drug is approved as an investigational drug under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and you having it is subject to an exemption.  
  • You have medical marijuana and you’re allowed to use it under The Texas Compassionate Use Act.  
  • The drug you have was prescribed to you by a medical doctor.  
  • You don’t have enough of the drug on your person or in your possession to constitute a drug possession charge.  

The penalties for possession in Texas depend on the type of drug involved, how much of it you have, how the drug was being stored and whether it was concealed, if there is drug paraphernalia (including a large amount of money), and any past convictions you may have.  

Texas Drug Trafficking Basics  

Drug trafficking is the distribution or delivery of illegal drugs. You’re being charged with violating the Texas Controlled Substances Act. You could also be charged with other crimes and with breaking other laws. It’s important for you to know that marijuana is classified separately. There are some defenses that may be beneficial, but it’s important to talk to an experienced San Antonio drug crime lawyer because the facts surrounding your charges will determine which defenses can and should be used. Possible defenses include: 

  • You had no idea the drugs were there. 
  • There’s a mistake of fact. (For example, many dried herbs used for cooking have a similar appearance to marijuana.)  
  • The drugs aren’t intended for human use.  

Drug possession may also be charged along with drug trafficking. The penalties depend on several factors. It’s an incredibly serious allegation.  

Federal Drug Charges in South Texas  

In addition to the State of Texas prosecuting you, you could also face federal drug charges. If you’re charged with a federal drug crime, the consequences are even more severe. You should immediately schedule your free consultation with our experienced south Texas drug crime defense lawyers.  

Possession with Intent to Distribute  

Since many of the possible defenses for possession with the intent to distribute are the same as possession and drug trafficking, we won’t cover those again. However, there is an additional defense: duress. If you were forced into this crime by threat of harm to you or your family, that could be a mitigating factor. If you’re being accused of possession with the intent to distribute, you’re being accused of violating the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Some factors that will be considered include the number of drugs allegedly involved, the type of drug, and how it is classified under Texas law.  

The potential penalties are extremely serious. You need to talk with an experienced San Antonio drug crime lawyer as soon as possible.  

When you have been accused of drug crimes such as drug possession, importation, drug manufacturing, or delivery of controlled substances (distribution), you are facing a serious crime that will have a major impact on your life if you are convicted. If you are being charged in federal court, you may be looking at a long prison sentence with little chance for parole. In these situations, you want a San Antonio drug crime lawyer with experience, credibility, and an aggressive trial strategy.

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Here at Rush & Gransee, L.C., in San Antonio, Texas, we have over 40 years of combined experience in the practice of law. Our staff features a former assistant district attorney who knows the Texas drug laws and the federal justice system.

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Investigating Your Drug Charges

We will use our criminal law experience to carefully go over your drug charges in order to determine what issues could prevent your conviction. An unconstitutional stop by the police or an improper search warrant, for example, may mean that any evidence the authorities gathered as a result of the illegal search, i.e., drugs, cannot be introduced into court.

If you have been charged with drug charges related to possession or delivery of cocaine, marijuana, drug trafficking, or operating a meth lab, you need a lawyer with the experience to effectively challenge your drug arrest in the state or federal court system.

Drug Crime Offenses Can Ruin Your Life  

Drug crimes, regardless of whether they are felonies or misdemeanors, can change how you thought your life would pan out. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of the State of Texas. If you’re arrested, you don’t have to wait until you’re officially charged. Exercise your right to remain silent and call our aggressive San Antonio drug crime lawyer. Let us help you protect your future.  

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