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Were you accused of theft in Texas? Don’t settle for less than the best legal representation. Contact our experienced San Antonio theft lawyers for strong defense against theft allegations.  Texas Theft DefenseCommon theft crimes include burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, and theft by a fiduciary. The seriousness of these crimes usually depends on the amount of property involved. Punishment ranges from a short period of probation to a lengthy prison sentence. A conviction for any of these crimes will likely have a long-lasting impact on a person’s ability to gain employment. Get Our FREE Criminal Defense Guide

Consequences of a Theft Conviction in Texas

The punishment ranges for a theft conviction vary considerably depending upon the value of the merchandise stolen. However, the greatest punishment from a theft conviction will be the damage done to the defendant’s reputation and standing within the community. Texas as well as most other states consider a theft conviction to be a crime of moral turpitude. A conviction for a crime of moral turpitude, such as theft, will limit your ability to get a good job and will cast a shadow over your future. Because theft is a crime of moral turpitude, it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid a conviction. When we represent someone who is accused of a theft, we investigate all lawful and ethical means to have the case dismissed or rejected. If a theft case is dismissed or rejected, we then strongly advise our clients to get the case expunged. Punishment for a theft conviction will vary depending upon the value of the merchandise allegedly stolen. The offense is a class C if the merchandise’s value is less than $50 or less than $20 if it was a bad check. As a class C, you are not subject to jail but a fine can be imposed. However, even though it is a class C offense you should fight the allegations and try to avoid a conviction. If the value of the merchandise is more than $50 but less than $500, or it is a bad check worth more than $20 but less than $500 it is a class B misdemeanor where you can be punished by up to six months in jail as well as a fine and imposition of community service. The offense levels and punishments increase as the value of the allegedly stolen items increase. If the value of the stolen property is sufficiently high it is even possible to be charged with a first-degree felony that could result in a life sentence. There are numerous enhancements that can increase the punishment ranges for even simple thefts. Examples include: property stolen from the elderly, property stolen from a nonprofit organization, and a prior theft conviction can result in an enhancement.

Successful Cases for Theft Defense

Terry W. The defendant was charged with theft $750-$2500.  The case was ultimately expunged after completing a pretrial diversion program. Daniella R. Theft 100 to 750.  Case was dismissed.  Eligible for expunction. Maria R. Theft from a large grocery store chain.  Case dismissed. Nisha P. Shoplifting case dismissed. Nadia F. Theft case dismissed after completion of pretrial diversion.  Eligible for an expunction. Terry W. Theft case dismissed after completion of pretrial diversion.  Eligible for an expunction. Mark L. The defendant was charged with shoplifting.  The case was dismissed. Henry G. Client was charged with theft.  After our investigation we filed at the Court a Motion to Suppress, seeking to suppress the evidence against our client. After the motion to suppress hearing the judge suppressed the evidence and the State was forced to dismiss the case.

Protecting Your Rights and Defending Your Freedoms

With the lifelong ramifications of a theft conviction it is important that your Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer has experience fighting the theft allegation.  We will collect all the evidence and investigate all the facts surrounding the allegations.  It is important to determine if the case can be won through a trial or a motion to suppress.  If a trial or motion to suppress will not be successful we need to formulate an argument that will persuade the prosecution to dismiss the case or offer an agreement that will allow the accused to maintain a clean record. We have gotten some theft cases resolved by not guilty verdicts, some cases were dismissed after a motion to suppress, and some have been resolved in a manner that will allow the case to be expunged or sealed.  It is important that the case is resolved so that it can be sealed or expunged. In a notable case our client was arrested for a theft from a large department store chain.  We filed and had court hearings on the unreasonable nature of our client’s detention and arrest.  The case against our client was dismissed after the hearing.  We then filed a lawsuit against the corporation (store) for the illegal arrest of our client.  The case was settled for a confidential amount. Do not delay. Give us a call to discuss your theft case with our experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyers.

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