Texas Motorcycle Accident Guide

Suffering an injury on the open road can cause life time complications. The Texas Motorcycle Accident Guide was created by injury lawyer Robert Rush to help residents protect their rights and obtain maximum compensation.

A Biker’s Handbook to Protecting Your Rights

Texas Motorcycle Accident GuideAre you hoping to find fierce legal representation to take care of your case while you focus on getting better? Motorcycle accidents cause devastating injuries and lasting physical harm that will affect the victim’s life far into the future. These accidents can even sometimes be fatal. Responsible parties can be held legally accountable for the pain they cause. You can recover for your damages that were resulting from this avoidable event.

Recovering Compensation for Devastating Motorcycle Accidents

The law offices of Rush & Gransee, L.C., we are experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorneys. We handle motorcycle accidents (motorcycle accidents, SUV rollovers, 18-wheeler trucking accidents, car wrecks, tire failures and blow outs) throughout San Antonio, McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, and throughout Central and South Texas.

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As experienced attorneys in the all areas of vehicle litigation, if reasonable compensation cannot be obtained through negotiating with the insurance company, our firm has a proven history of successfully representing clients in trial.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the motor vehicle wreck to find out who was responsible. Far too often, motorcycle accidents are caused because other drivers failed to look out for the motorcyclist. We gather the evidence needed to prove liability and hold responsible parties accountable.

Recovering Compensation for Devastating Motorcycle AccidentsOur firm will assist you with all necessary matters surrounding failing a claim, negotiating a fair settlement, and/or preparing a case for trial, if necessary. We will gather all necessary paperwork, including medical records, billing information, vehicle repairs, and rental or loaner vehicle arrangements as well. We routinely negotiate with insurance companies and their attorneys, and we have a history of aggressively pursuing compensation for the losses and injuries our clients have suffered at the hands of negligent vehicle operators.

In addition to the experience brought to your case by the attorneys in our law firm, we routinely rely upon the expertise of accident reconstructionist experts and engineers for investigating and evaluating all potential pitfalls and potential pathways to success in any serious injury claim or lawsuit. Allow us to put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions | Texas Motorcycle Accident Guide

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident here in Texas, you’ve probably suffered serious injuries. You need to make sure you get medical attention, but you also need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer here in Texas. The one thing you truly need in order to recover for your damages is somebody on your side that understands the laws, that understands how people view these things, and understands how to protect all of your rights.

Are Motorcycle Cases Different Than Car Accident Cases?

Motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents. Here in Texas, we do have laws that apply to motorcycle drivers versus car drivers. For instance, we have helmet laws versus seat belt laws. There are all sorts of things that are different about them. The one thing that sets them apart, however, is you’re sitting on that motorcycle without protection and someone not paying attention to what they’re doing, distracted, driving down the road, slams into you. Those injuries are devastating, and people need to be held accountable for those.

Should I Talk to the Insurance Company?

After your motorcycle accident, the first thing that happens, more often than not, is an insurance company representative is going to call you. Why is an insurance company representative calling you? Are they on your side? No, they’re not. Are they looking out for your legal rights? No, they’re not. They’re trying to protect the person that hit you. They’re trying to protect the person that put you in the hospital. They’re not on your side in any way, shape, or form. Don’t talk to the insurance company after your motorcycle accident. Hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer; they will be by your side.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Should I Hire a LawyerThe short answer is, you probably do, and this is the reason. If you were on a motorcycle and some careless driver slammed into you, your injuries are serious, maybe permanent. Those are the kinds of injuries that insurance companies want to minimize, but you can’t afford to have those injuries minimized. More often than not, because of the prejudice against motorcycle riders and the way insurance companies view them, you need an experienced lawyer helping you.

What Attorney is the Right One for My Case?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, your life is upside down. You need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. You don’t need someone who writes wills. You don’t need someone who handles divorces. You don’t need someone whose only experience is in car wrecks. Motorcycle accident cases are different. The laws are a little different. The way people view these cases is different. You need somebody with a proven track record. You need a motorcycle accident attorney that can get everything you’re entitled to in these very special cases.

How Much is My Case Worth?

Following a motorcycle accident here, you know you’ve got medical bills piling up. You’ve probably missed some time at work. Everybody wants to know, what’s the value of my case? If you hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, they can tell you, but not right off the bat.

A case value is compensating you for everything that’s happened to you. That’s your medical bills that are piling up, but it’s also the medical bills that you’re going to have next month and next year, while you’re still in rehab, if you’ve got broken bones, or are expecting surgeries. It includes your few days of work, but it’s also compensation for if you won’t be able to work or take care of your family anymore. The value of a case really rests in what that negligent person did to you. How did it change your life? What did it cost you and what will it cost you in the future?

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Can I Sue If I’m Forced Off the Road and Hurt?

One type of motorcycle accident here in Texas that’s probably one of the scariest is when a car veers towards you, doesn’t see you, changes lanes and forces you off the road. That creates some complicated issues. If that driver keeps on going and you can’t identify them, that’s a real problem. If they stop, or if someone witnesses it – gets a license plate, somehow can identify what they did – you have every right to pursue them.

Can I File If I’m Injured Due to Hazardous Roads?

Sometimes a motorcycle accident is caused because some of our roads aren’t the best. Sometimes it’s a matter of the county not taking care of the roadways if you’re hurt out riding in a rural area. Sometimes it’s a construction site. There are all sorts of things that affect the roadways. Those cases have very specific laws that apply to them. We hold our governments accountable, but it goes all the way back to England when they used to say the king can do no wrong. It’s harder to sue the county or the state of Texas for poorly maintained roads. Can it be done? If you have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, they can navigate those waters for you.

What Type of Compensation Can I Get?

What Type of Compensation Can I GetIf you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced attorney who understands all the injuries and damages you’re entitled to recover for. You’ve got medical bills piling up. You’re probably missing time from work. You need to replace your motorcycle and maybe you can no longer ride one at all. All of those things are immediate concerns. But you’ve also got concerns about how much longer you are going to need medical care. How much rehabilitation are you going to need in the future? Is this going to affect your family? An experienced motorcycle attorney can help you recover every element of damage and help you receive full and fair compensation.

Should I Take a Settlement Offer?

After your motorcycle accident, the insurance company might come in and offer you a check. Why are they doing that? Well, they want to get the case closed. They want you to go away. If you’ve had a motorcycle accident here in Texas and an insurance company comes in and says, “Oh, don’t worry; we’ll pay for those medical bills,” and then they make you sign for it. When you have more medical bills in the future they say, “Sorry, we’ve already closed your claim. You already signed and accepted.”

Insurance companies, when they come in and make first offers, are looking out for their bottom line. They’re not looking out for you. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and you’ve got medical bills piling up, instead of taking that first offer and perhaps finishing off any claims that you might have, go get yourself an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, one who can tell you what you deserve.

Will I Be Able to Recover If I Was at Fault?

In every case in Texas, whether it’s a motorcycle accident, a car accident or a trucking accident, one of the things that must be looked at is who caused it. The reality is that we’re all human beings. Maybe both parties have some involvement. The way Texas law addresses that is through what’s called, comparative negligence. What that means is a jury gets to decide if were you 10% at fault. If so, you still get to recover 90% of all the harm that was done to you. Even if you were partly to blame, that doesn’t affect the fact that you have rights. You just need an experienced law firm who knows how to address all the issues of comparative negligence.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Case Take?

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Case TakeYou’ve probably suffered some serious injuries. You probably have an uncertain future right now, so it’s going to take a little while to settle. When you come to an experienced law firm like ours, our motorcycle attorneys know you shouldn’t sign on the bottom line until you get full compensation for what you’ve been through. You can’t do that until you know what the future holds for you. How long is it going to take? It’s going to take just as long and necessary.

Can I File a Case If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet?

After a motorcycle accident where somebody is seriously hurt, they often want to know, “Am I entitled to recover for my damages if I wasn’t wearing my helmet?” The law says you don’t have to wear a helmet. That can’t be held against you. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration however. You know if you’re a motorcycle rider, people have preconceived ideas and preconceived notions, but those exist no matter what. It doesn’t stop you from asserting your rights, and an experienced lawyer can help you work around those issues.

Can I File If I Was a Passenger in a Crash?

Not every motorcycle accident in Texas involves a driver; sometimes you’re riding on the back. You still have rights as a passenger. If you were the passenger riding on the back of a motorcycle, there are two avenues of relief for you. If your driver caused the crash, then you have a right to recover from your driver. If someone operating an automobile slams into you, then you have a right to recover from that other driver. If both drivers were at fault, and you’re the innocent party sitting on the back, you can recover from both of them.

Get the Motorcycle Compensation You Deserve

Call our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers today to get fierce and dedicated legal representation. We will fight for your rights and get you full and fair compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are here to help.

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