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Misdiagnosed Brain Injury

Were you a victim of a misdiagnosed brain injury by an ER doctor? Watch this video to learn what you should do. We offer free consultations.

Question: Do I have a claim if the ER doctors misdiagnosed a brain injury?


Many times after a serious accident, whether it’s a trucking accident or a car accident, people go to the emergency room. Those doctors are trained to make sure that bleeding has stopped, and that broken bones have a cast on it. Many times, they even will do a CAT scan of your head if they think you’ve bounced around, hit your head, and got an injury. More often than not, brain injuries are not detected in the emergency room. Things are happening fast. They’re trying to get you patched up and on your own, so you can go see a medical professional. Misdiagnosed Brain Injury If the emergency room records don’t point out that there’s a brain injury, that doesn’t mean one didn’t happen. It just means they didn’t pick up on it. Only a neurologist specializing in these kinds of injuries can read those CAT scans and MRIs can make those determinations. Don’t think you don’t have a case just because the emergency room said you’re okay.

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