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Possession of Prescription Drugs

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Question: What should I do if I was charged with possession of prescription drugs?


If you’re charged with possession of pills in Texas I usually take that to mean you’re charged with possession of a prescription drug. If you’re charged with possession of a prescription drug, if it’s only a few pills and you say you got them from your mother, or from your brother because you hurt your back and he had a prior back surgery, and he had a few of those laying around, sometimes you can get the prosecutor to drop that type of case. Possession of Prescription Drugs If you’re caught with a 30-day supply of a drug and you don’t have a prescription, then it’s a much more difficult case to deal with. The good thing is in most cases, it’s a misdemeanor. You still don’t want to have that conviction. Very often on that type of case we can get the person diverted into some sort of program that allows them to avoid a conviction and allows them to even avoid conviction to the extent where it can be expunged down the road. You really need to avoid that conviction at all costs, and very often you can.

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Successful Case Defending Drug Possession

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