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Multiple DWI Penalties

Penalties go up when you have multiple DWIs. Learn about multiple DWI penalties. After watching this video contact our San Antonio DWI attorney for a free consultation.

Question: What are the penalties for multiple DWI charges?


If it’s your second DWI, then it is a Class A misdemeanor and it’s up to one year in jail. In most cases, on a second DWI, the worst case is that you’ll end up with being placed on probation. If you have two or more prior DWIs, then your third is a felony; there’s a high risk of going to prison. What I usually recommend to people when they come in and they have multiple prior DWIs, is that they need to be proactive. They need to absolutely quit drinking. They need to start going to AA. If they have the money, the need to go to treatment, in-patient if possible. Multiple DWI Penalties A judge is going to look at that person and think they’re high-risk to the community, they’re high-risk to the judge’s position, they’re high-risk to the DA, and so you need to do what you can to make yourself look low-risk. If we do all the things we need to do, if it ends up that you have to work out some sort of plea bargain on a felony DWI, in most cases, you can end up being placed on probation and avoiding prison.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

Edward T. – The defendant was stopped after the police officer saw the defendant’s car weaving, drive upon a raised median and hit a curb.  The defendant staggered when he excited the car and failed the field sobriety tests.  There was an open can of beer in the car.  The defendant’s breath test showed a .092 BAC.  The defendant was charged with a felony DWI 3rd.  We won the DPS driver’s license hearing.   We were able to get the Felony DWI reduced to a misdemeanor DWI after proving to the prosecutor the defendants staggering was caused by a medical condition and the open container of alcohol made it more likely the defendant was actually under .08 when driving.