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DWI Plea Bargains

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Question: Can You Plea Bargain a DWI in Texas?


In Texas, if you’re charged with a DWI, the decision about whether to work out a plea bargain or whether to set a case for trial usually takes about three months to reach that point because there’s a discovery process that we go through. We collect video tapes, we collect DVDs, we collect breath tests, we collect blood tests, we collect the police reports, and then we usually sit down with the client and we look at it all. In a lot of cases, there are other things that we also consider.
DWI Plea Bargains
Did the officer know what he was doing? Sometimes an officer is in training and he doesn’t do the field sobriety test correctly. Very often, in Texas for instance, a police officer stops somebody for weaving within their lane. Weaving within your lane is not an offense, but a lot of new officers stop somebody for that. The fact is, even if someone is quite intoxicated, if the stop was not a good stop, you can have the case thrown out. What we end up doing is collecting all the evidence, and then after we collect it all, we sit down with the client and we map out a game plan. Sometimes the game plan is to work out a deal because the situation is not worth spending the money and the delay to end up with the same result. Very often, that decision is made three or four months down the road, we look at the case and it’s made jointly with the client.

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Successful Case Defending Aggravated DWI

Waleed E. – The Defendant was traveling 103 mph in a 65 mph zone.  The defendant performed poorly on the field sobriety tests and blew a .158 on the intoxilyzer.  Originally the prosecution was taking a very hard stance against the defendant because of the reckless driving-speed and the high breath test.  Ultimately after 9 months of settings and motions the State offered to drop the DWI charge to Obstruction of Highway and furthermore granted deferred adjudication.  The defendant is eligible for record sealing.

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