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Losing Your License Over a DWI

Charged with DWI or DUI? Watch this video to find out how our San Antonio DWI lawyers can prevent you from losing your license over a DWI in Texas.

Question: Will you lose your license after a DWI arrest?


On a DWI-first, you could lose your license at the DPS hearing. The DPS hearing is an administrative hearing, it’s held about 60 days after your arrest, and it’s a very informal hearing. I don’t have my clients show up; I show up without my client. If we win that hearing, you’re not going to lose your license on a DWI-first. If we lose that hearing, I can get you an occupational license. Losing Your License Over a DWI With the occupational license, you’re really not going to notice much difference than your normal license. You’re going to be able to drive for essential household duties, going to the grocery store, and going to work. The only thing you really can’t do is go out to a bar; you can’t go out and socialize. That could get you in trouble, potentially. However, in a lot of cases, you’re not going to lose your license. You don’t lose your license because of being convicted of a DWI. What we make sure is, if the judge orders that you take a DWI education course, upon a conviction, then you don’t lose your license.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

David D. – Defendant was stopped for weaving.  After the field sobriety tests the officer requested a breath or blood sample.  The Defendant refused to provide any samples and a blood sample was taken pursuant to a warrant.  The blood sample came back with a .24 level.  The arresting officer was subpoenaed by defense counsel for Texas Department of Public Safety Hearing.  The officer failed to appear and the DPS hearing was dismissed so the Defendant was able to keep his license.