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DWI Jail Time

DWI jail time can be avoided if you retain the services of an experienced San Antonio defense lawyer. Watch this video to find out how we can help, then call for a free consultation.

Question: Can you go to Jail for a DWI in Texas?


In Texas, on a DWI-first, you normally don’t go to jail. In fact, I’ve never had anybody go to jail on a DWI-first or second. However, legally, it can happen. When you’re in the court room, you’ll see it happen. People do occasionally go to jail on DWI-first or second, but I’ve never had it happen with a client, and that’s with 30 years of defending people with DWIs. If someone’s injured in a DWI accident or if it’s a third or more DWI, there’s a chance of going to prison or jail. That does not happen all the time, but there is a chance it will. DWI Jail Time You need to hire somebody that knows what they’re doing and can prepare you. For a felony DWI, or when you have three or more DWIs, I normally recommend to my client right away that he gets involved in some sort of treatment because a judge is not going to accept that the client does not have a problem. We need to be proactive, get involved in those things, in case you are convicted. That allows your attorney to make a good argument that you do not need to go to jail or prison.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

Jennifer R. – The defendant was stopped for making an illegal U-Turn and accelerating away from the officers.  According to the officers the defendant then failed the field sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or breath test.  The case was dismissed on the day of trial.