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DWI Penalties

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Question: What are the penalties for a first offense DWI in Texas?


In Texas, the penalties for a DWI conviction depend on a number of factors. Is it a first-time DWI? Is it a second-time DWI, or a third or more? What is the breath or blood test result that got you in trouble? If it’s a blood or breath test result under a .15 and it’s a first-time DWI, the range of punishment is up to six months in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.
DWI Penalties
However, I’ve never had anybody go to jail on a DWI-first with under a .15, and that’s with 30 years of defending DWIs. On a DWI-second and third, the penalties ratchet up pretty dramatically. On a second, it’s up to one year in jail, and it’s up to a $4,000 fine. On a felony DWI, depending on the number of prior felonies, and if someone’s been to the penitentiary, all those play a role in determining the range of punishment. Generally, on a felony DWI, which is three or more DWIs, the range of punishment is up to 10 years in the penitentiary.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

Lorenzo H. The defendant was stopped for speeding.  The defendant was detained for a DWI after the officer noticed signs of intoxication.  The Defendant’s blood result was over 2x the legal limit.  We won the DPS driver’s license hearing and got the DWI reduced to an obstruction of a highway and the defendant was given deferred adjudication thereby avoiding a conviction.  The defendant is eligible for record sealing.

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