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Beware of Dog Sign Liability

Did you get bitten by someone’s dog when you went on their property? Watch this video about beware of dog sign liability to see how you can still sue for negligence.
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Question: Does a beware of dog sign hurt my claim?


The other day, a client told me, “I think I have a case. I got attacked by a dog, but there was a Beware of Dog sign, so I was afraid to even call a lawyer. What does that Beware of Dog sign mean?” If you hopped over the fence and said, “Let me see how tough this dog is,” you may have some problems. Beware of Dog Sign Liability If that homeowner put a Beware of Dog sign up, they know that dog is there for protection. Perhaps if they didn’t close their gate, if they left holes in their fence, or if they didn’t make sure that dog was leashed and contained, that Beware of Dog sign doesn’t prevent you from making a claim. It just points out that that homeowner knew better.

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