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Mistakes to Avoid After a Dog Bite

If you were attacked by a dog, you need to know what to do in order to have a successful claim. Watch this video about mistakes to avoid after a dog bite, and then give us a call for a free consultation.
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Question: What mistakes should I avoid after a dog bite?


If you’ve suffered a dog bite in Texas, you probably need to get medical attention, and you need to identify where that dog came from. Let say you were out jogging, and a dog came darting out a door. The gate was open, and they attacked you. You need to get that house address. Mistakes to Avoid After a Dog Bite You need to try and identify who did it. How can you do that? Call the police; they will find out who that dog belongs to. That dog might have tags. There are any number of ways of identifying it. If you have been bitten and attacked by a dog here in Texas, call the police, get medical attention, and identify who the responsible party is.

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