Questions to Ask the Dog Owner After a Bite

Were you attacked by a dog in Texas? Check out this video about the important questions to ask the dog owner after a bite to protect your case.

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Question: What questions should I ask the dog owner after a bite?


If you’ve suffered a dog bite or attack and the owner is there, after calling the police, the first question to ask them is “where’s the rabies paperwork?” You need to protect yourself first and foremost. Find out if that dog is vaccinated like they’re supposed to be. Then you find out why that dog wasn’t on a leash. Or why that owner let that dog out of the fenced yard.
Questions To Ask The Dog Owner After A Bite
You’d be surprised what people will say. “Oh, I wasn’t paying attention,” “Oh, I didn’t realize he was going to attack you.” You must call the police and find out if the dog got their rabies shots. Anything else you can find out from the owner of that dog is going to help you. It’s only going to help you if you have an experienced lawyer on your side who understands dog bite law and who knows how to get you full compensation for what you’re going through.

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