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Investigating Dog Bite Claims

Did you get attacked by a dog, and now the insurance company is calling? Watch this video about insurance investigating dog bite claims, then give us a call for a free consultation.
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Question: Should I speak to the insurance company about my dog bite?


Following a dog bite, if you identify who the owner is, and their homeowner’s insurance company calls you, you need to be careful. Insurance companies like taking statements because statements help them and hurt you. Investigating Dog Bite Claims Insurance companies want to get you to say things that probably don’t sound as good as you think they do once it’s all typed up on that written form, and it hurts your case. Don’t talk to the insurance company following a dog bite. If you’ve been attacked by a dog here in Texas and you’ve been injured, talk to an experienced lawyer that’s representing you, not an insurance company that doesn’t care about you.

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