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Dog Bite Settlement Timeline

If you were attacked by a dog you might be wondering how long your case is going to take. Watch this video about dog bite settlement timeline for your answer, then call for a free consultation.
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Question: How long will it take for my dog bite case to settle?


The most common question we get is about the length of time that it takes to conclude a case. That doesn’t matter where you’re at in Texas; the law is the same. It takes a while. It’s not a quick fix. Dog Bite Settlement Timeline You can’t make good decisions if you’re making them with insufficient information. Your case is going to take long enough to know what the full extent of your injury is. How long are you going to need medical care? How is this going to affect you tomorrow? How is this going to affect you six months from now? Once your doctors can tell you that, and you have an understanding of how this is going to impact your life, then an experienced dog bite lawyer can tell you what a reasonable value of your case is.

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