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Pedestrian Accident Case Value

If you were seriously injured while crossing an intersection in Texas, watch this video about determining your pedestrian accident case value.

Question: How do I determine how much my pedestrian accident case is worth?


One of the first questions people ask me in a pedestrian accident case is, “what’s my case worth? How do I know what compensation is supposed to be?” You hire an experienced lawyer, first of all. An experienced attorney in cases involving pedestrians that have been run over understands that you’re entitled to the things you can count including medical bills, and lost time from work. Pedestrian Accident Case Value There are a lot of things that you can’t count; you can’t just easily put a number to it such as; What’s it like wearing a cast on your leg for eight weeks and then going through three months of physical therapy so you can learn to walk again? All of that comes into play. The value is the full and fair compensation for the damage that you have suffered. That involves an experienced attorney who understands the injuries, the laws of pedestrians, and the laws of automobiles.

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