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Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims

Are you suffering after being hit by a car while walking or jogging? Watch this video to learn about filing pedestrian accident injury claims in Texas.

Question: What Can I Do If I Was Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian?


A pedestrian accident is going to be different than a car accident case because one, the injuries can be much more severe. Two, the law really needs to be examined. Were you walking properly? Did they cross the white line when they shouldn’t have? Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims All of these come into play, and it’s different than your average car wreck. You need an experienced attorney that understands that pedestrians have rights, too. Just because somebody runs into you, they don’t get to point the finger and ask, “Why were you walking there? Why weren’t you paying attention?” When the question should be, “Why weren’t they paying attention to you?”

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