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Pedestrian Accident Settlement Offers

Were you seriously injured by a car while walking? Watch this video to learn about potential pedestrian accident settlement offers. We offer free consultations.

Question: Should I accept a settlement right after my pedestrian accident?


You’re crossing the street, somebody’s not paying attention, they slam into you, and then an insurance company makes you an offer. You’ve got bills piling up. It sounds good. You maybe think, let me take this money and pay that ambulance and hospital bill. That first offer is not just a first offer; it’s a last offer if you take it. They want you to take it.
Pedestrian Accident Settlement Offers
They want you to sign that piece of paper that says, I accept this, and I’ll never bother you again. Then when you find out six weeks later that the physical therapy is not working, and you need surgery, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Do not listen to the insurance company when they tell you, “Let’s just pay your bills right now; we’ll take care of you.” They’re not on your side.

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