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Bicycle Accident Settlement Offers

Bicycle accident settlement offers from the insurance company are usually low-ball estimates.Watch this video and call our injury attorney for guidance.


Answer: Should I accept a settlement offer from the insurance company after my bicycle accident?

After a bicycle accident in Texas, the insurance companies oftentimes call and start offering a check. A lot of times they use language like “Let us pay for your medical bills,” “We’re very sorry you’re going through this,” “Let us give you $500 for your trouble.” Bicycle Accident Settlement Offers The reason they do that is because along with that offer, that makes it sound like they’re trying to help you comes what’s called a release; a release of all claims. They make you sign that. That means that once you accept that check, it’s over. A lawyer’s not going to be able to help you anymore. Do not accept quick offers from insurance companies. They are trying to hurt you and help themselves.

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