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Partial Fault Bicycle Accident

Were you seriously injured by being hit by a car and afraid you could be to blame? Watch this video to learn about a partial fault bicycle accident case and then call our office for a free consultation.

Question: Can I be partially at fault for a bicycle accident?


I get asked a lot, “What if I was partly to blame?” “I was in a bicycle accident. I was riding along the roads here in Texas but I wasn’t completely in the bike lane.” Well, maybe that does mean you have some part of that fault, but that doesn’t excuse all of the fault on the driver that wasn’t paying attention.
Partial Fault Bicycle Accident
It doesn’t excuse the fault if they were texting and driving. The way we look at things here in Texas is on a scale of zero to one hundred, and we break it down. Maybe you were 10% at fault, but they’re 90% at fault and that means they need to be held accountable. Just because you think you could’ve done something differently, that does not mean you shouldn’t go to an experienced bicycle accident attorney. They can explain to you what your rights are.

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