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Who Can Sue for a Birth Injury?

Do you believe you have a claim for a birth injury? Watch this video about who can sue for a birth injury in Texas and then contact our attorneys for help.

Question: Who’s lawsuit is a birth injury in Texas?


When clients call us to help them with a birth injury malpractice case here in Texas, one of the things they need to understand is it’s almost like two cases in one because mom has a case, dad has a case, and baby has a case. The way the law works on that is if you have a meritorious case and you proceed forward. There are some elements of damages that mom and dad recover: medical bills for the first 18 years of life. Your baby’s case are: medical bills, therapy, all of the future problems from 18 on.
Birth Injury Statute of Limitations
Ultimately, when a case like that is resolved, some portion of the money goes to mom and dad to take care of those things until 18. Some portion of the money, usually a large portion, goes into a trust fund or some other type of protected fund that stays until the baby is 18. Once the baby is 18, they can start paying for all those injuries, all those damages, and everything that the baby faces as an adult.

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