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Birth Injury Statute of Limitations

Was your baby injured due to medical negligence during your pregnancy? Watch this video about birth injury statute of limitations in Texas.

Question: How long do we have to file a birth injury claim in Texas?


If you’re dealing with a birth injury, you’re dealing with Texas medical malpractice law and limitations. The time limits to bring a case is tricky. Technically, your baby, because they’re not an adult, doesn’t have to bring a case right away. You as the parents of the child only have two years. Because some of the recovery is mom and dad’s recovery and some is the baby’s recovery, if you don’t act within two years, your baby may still have a case, but yours is gone. Birth Injury Statute of Limitations Just like any other area of malpractice law, birth injury cases need to be acted on quickly; don’t sit and wait. Hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer; someone who understands Texas law as it applies to birth injuries. Someone who can tell you what your rights are.

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