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Indecent Exposure Defenses

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Question: What types of legal defenses are available for indecent exposure in Texas?


In Texas, indecent exposure cases run the gamut of police officers in a sting operation to a public person reporting an indecent exposure incident. Cases involving police officers are much more difficult to defend than the person that just reports an incident. Very often, the police officers have cameras hidden in the bill of their caps, or on their lapel, and the incident is filmed. However, an officer can entice somebody, can make somebody do something that they normally wouldn’t have done, and that can be a defense of issue. Indecent Exposure Defenses If it’s a layperson that reports an incident, then you have a lot of different issues. One of which is always in play is just the identity. It’s not uncommon for these cases to take a period of time to make it through the courts. Very often, the ID of the person is very weak and very suspect, so very often they are defendable.

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Successful Case Defending Indecent Exposure

David R. – Our client and his girlfriend were in the back of a van when the police stormed the vehicle.  The officers claimed the parties were in various stages of undress.  The female defendant, with a different lawyer, plead no contest to the offense and we set our clients case for trial.  As the trial approached, we filed a motion to suppress and motion to quash.  We also provided the prosecutor with case law that supported our positions.  Our clients’ case was dismissed.  I informed the lawyer for the female defendant that our case was dismissed and he was going to go back and plead to withdraw his client’s plea-obviously his client was given bad advice and should not have plead to the offense.