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Public Lewdness

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Question: What is considered public lewdness in Texas?


Public Lewdness

Public lewdness is considered a sex crime. In Texas, public lewdness is one of those offenses that can be almost innocent behavior. Events that could be public lewdness would be if two people go off and think they’re totally hidden, but it’s a public place, and they commit some sort of sex act. Or it can be someone in a private place being reckless about the possibility of somebody being present who would be offended. The fact is, it’s easy to get charged with public lewdness, but a lot of times if you put up a fight to this type of charge, the DA will work something out that you can avoid a conviction on this case.

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Successful Case Defending Indecent Exposure

Eric V. – The Defendant was charged with indecent exposure.  The complainant alleged that the Defendant was masturbating in his car while parked in a store’s parking lot.  She alleged he looked at her and continued to please himself.  She got out of her car and photographed the defendants license plate and a few days later she identified the defendant in a police officer created photo array and at trial.  After a 3-day trial the Defendant was found NOT GUILTY and his case was expunged.