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Invasive Visual Recording

Were you arrested for having an invasive visual recording in Texas? Watch this video to learn what you could be facing. Then call for a free consultation.
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Question: What is an invasive visual recording?


In Texas, invasive visual recording is a crime. That can be a lot of different situations that might be a crime. The obvious ones are things where people make a visual recording of somebody in a changing room. Invasive Visual Recording It could also be when somebody at a swim pool, records girls wearing string bikinis or thongs. It is possible to be making that recording and be charged. If you are, you need to hire a lawyer because the fact situations will determine whether or not you may have committed a crime.

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Successful Case Defending Indecent Exposure

M. S. – The defendant was facing two separate cases for indecent exposure.  Each case involved different complainants and one case involved a complainant that knew the defendant.    We were able to get one of the cases dismissed and one of the cases the defendant was given deferred adjudication.  The case that dismissed has been expunged and the case wherein the defendant got deferred will eventually be sealed.