Unlawful Disclosure of Intimate Visual Material

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Question: What is Unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material?


In Texas, unlawful disclosure of intimate material is typically the offense of the boyfriend disclosing some picture or videos made of a girlfriend. They call it “sex blackmail.” That’s a crime.
Unlawful Disclosure of Intimate Visual Material
Usually what happens is that the victim is told by some friends that they saw on Facebook, or it was disclosed to them that they saw it on somebody else’s phone or something along those lines. If that’s the case, you need to hire a lawyer and the lawyer needs to investigate. Very often, those disclosures can be made inadvertently by mistake and very often, it’s not even intimate material. You just have to be careful with that offense. Don’t talk to people. Don’t admit to an offense. You need to first talk to a lawyer.

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