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Heroin Possession

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Question: What should I do if I was charged with heroin possession


If you’re charged with possession of heroin, the first thing you need to do is find a lawyer. Interview a couple lawyers to find out who you’re comfortable with. Then the lawyer will go about collecting the evidence, which may involve video tapes, police reports, and a look at your criminal history. All those things play a role in what the lawyer will do for you. Heroin Possession On a possession of heroin case, most of those cases are in state court. In state court, there’s really no penalty for dragging the case out and doing the research. Very often, in state court, your deal will get better as the case gets older. What we very often do is investigate, collect the evidence, talk to the client, and decided on a game plan. Very often, the game plan involves filing a motion to suppress to see if we can get the case thrown out for an invalid search or an invalid stop. If we’re successful at that point, the case gets thrown out and you can even expunge it.

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Successful Case Defending Drug Possession

James S. – Possession of Drugs.  Case was dismissed.