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Simple Assault Penalties

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Question: What are the penalties for simple assault?


In Texas, the penalties for a simple assault are up to a $4,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Of course, very seldom does that happen where somebody gets the maximum penalties. In most cases, a simple assault would involve a period of probation, community service and a small fine. The period of probation usually extends for a year, and that year can be terminated early. Simple Assault Penalties If there are issues regarding self-defense, or mutual combat, a lot of times those cases can either be won at trial or they can be reduced. You might be offered some alternative program to get you out of the criminal justice system. With a good lawyer, you can sit down and talk about those options and develop a game plan for handling your charge.

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Successful Case Defending Family-Violence Assault

Van L. – The defendant allegedly assaulted his wife while she was driving the car.  When the police arrived later at their house she allegedly had a swollen eye.  The complainant was not cooperative with the prosecution and the case was dismissed.