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Did your loved one get arrested for a criminal charge? Watch this video to learn how bailing someone out of jail is handled and how an attorney can help.

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How do I bail someone out of jail in Texas?


If a loved one, family member, or friend are arrested, first thing to would do is contact a lawyer and talk to the lawyer about what the options are on bail.Bailing Someone Out of Jail A lawyer can very often talk to the judge and get the bail amount reduced. If the person wants to get out of jail immediately and they are arrested, then sometimes it may be quicker just to contact a bail bondsman. Be sure to contact more than one because very often they’re fees may vary. A common fee is 10% of the amount of the set. If someone has a $1,000 bond, they may charge $100 to get the person out. Very often they want collateral.
If you find out that you have a charge pending, let’s say a misdemeanor or felony in the state court, there is a good option; a lawyer can walk you over to court and turn you in to the judge, get a bond set, and then you can be processed in the basement of the courthouse. By doing that, the entire process might take two hours and you get out with fewer conditions than if you were processed in the jail. If you’re processed in the jail, the process might take 12 to 24 hours to get out.

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