ATV Accident Compensation

ATV Accident CompensationRecreational vehicle accidents are extremely common in Texas. If you have been seriously injured while on an ATV or other off-road vehicle, call us for guidance. Here is what you should know about ATV accident compensation in San Antonio.

ATV Accident Compensation | Serious Injuries

We are familiar with the severe injuries in an ATV rollover or when an all-terrain vehicle strikes another vehicle or fixed object. Health insurance and PIP (no-fault) insurance may not cover the hospital bills, let alone future medical care and lost earnings from a long-term disability. In these situations, it will be necessary to prove negligence of the ATV owner, another operator or third parties if the vehicle has a design or manufacturing defect.

From more than 25 years of advocating for the injured in motor vehicle crashes, we have the instincts and network of experts to establish a case for compensation. Robert Rush is a board-certified civil trial lawyer* who has secured multi-million dollar results in cases involving disabling injuries and fatal accidents. He can make the case for liability and damages under many negligence scenarios such as:

  • Recklessly endangering an ATV passenger
  • Operating at night or under the influence of alcohol
  • Running over a bystander
  • Causing a collision with another four-wheeler
  • Negligent entrustment (allowing a child to operate an ATV unsupervised)
  • Collisions with cars at road crossings
  • Design or manufacturing defects of the ATV

ATV Accident Compensation | Contact Us Today

We exhaust all applicable sources of insurance coverage to cover our clients’ losses and future needs. This may involve other professionals, from accident reconstruction experts to medical specialists. We invest in cases and prepare for trial, but we take no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.

After you seek medical attention, contact our firm for a free consultation. We handle personal injury cases in Bexar County and surrounding counties of South Texas, with offices in San Antonio, Kenedy and McAllen.

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