Third-Party Injury Claims

Third-Party Injury ClaimsIf you have been injured in a car accident, there may be more than one party at fault. This is known as a third-party injury claim. There may have been a manufacturing defect that caused your vehicle to crash. If you need assistance with third-party injury claims, please contact our experienced Houston personal injury lawyers today to help you file your claim and represent you in court.

Third-Party Injury Claims | Liability

There are some instances where fault in an auto accident lies with a manufacturer or another negligent party. For instance, if the vehicle was designed poorly, causing it to be more likely to crash than another vehicle of a similar type, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be to blame. SUV manufacturers are often to blame for certain types of rollover accidents due to the SUV’s poor design. An auto mechanic can be to blame for poor repair work that led to an accident. These types of cases are often highly technical and require the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer.

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Third-Party Injury Claims | Hire a Lawyer

At Rush & Gransee, our experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys have handled car wrecks, SUV rollovers, tire blowout accidents, collisions with 18-wheelers, motorcycle accidents and more. We are proven trial attorneys who know the rules of the road and the laws that pertain to automobile accidents. We use that knowledge to obtain the results our clients deserve.

We deal regularly with the insurance companies and their attorneys, aggressively pursuing fair compensation for our clients for the injuries and damages they have sustained. Call or email us right now to find out what your case is worth in a free consultation. We take cases in San Antonio, McAllen, Laredo, Corpus Christi and throughout South Texas, and in many instances, will travel to meet you in your home.

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