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If you have been arrested for a crime, your attorney may be able to arrange a deal with the judge. Watch this video to learn how plea bargaining is handled.

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What is a plea bargain and should I accept it?


In most cases, there will be an offer made by a prosecutor on your case.Plea Bargaining In most cases, that first offer is not the best offer that you will get. Your lawyer needs to evaluate it to see if there’s something better. In all cases, your lawyer should have reviewed all the evidence, looked at all video tapes, and looked at all the evidence in the case to tell you if that’s a good offer or a bad offer. Very often, it might take 30 to 90 days for your lawyer to collect all the evidence in the case to properly advise you on the best result that can be obtained. Very often, the first offer doesn’t reflect the evidence that may help you, and your lawyer needs to convey that to the prosecutor to try to get the offer lowered.

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