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Juvenile Crimes

Was your child arrested in Texas? Juvenile crimes can haunt you for life without proper legal representation. We will fight for your child’s rights!

Question: What should I do if my child was arrested for a crime?


In most juvenile crimes, if the juvenile has no criminal history or very little criminal history, very often the prosecutors will allow some sort of diversion program to allow them to get out of the criminal justice system. This may be supervised for some short period, but basically, it’s more trying to change behavior and less about punishment. Juvenile Crimes Now, if someone’s charged with a very serious crime as a juvenile, that can all change. They can even be diverted into the adult court system. Generally, a misdemeanor crime involving a juvenile will involve getting them some sort of program to change behavior. If they successfully complete the program, the case is dismissed in most cases.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

Bradley O – The defendant was doing burnouts in a parking lot when he was involved in an accident.  The defendant refused to cooperate with the field sobriety tests and the blood draw.   We won the DPS (driver’s license hearing) and the DWI was ultimately dismissed.