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How much are lawyers’ fees in a personal injury case?


If you’ve suffered a personal injury here in Texas, one of the first things you probably want to know is how much it is going to cost to hire a lawyer.Lawyers' Fess in Your Personal Injury Case First, any personal injury lawyer that tells you to bring your checkbook, I suggest you don’t go there because an experienced personal injury lawyer understands you probably can’t write a check for three or four-hundred dollars an hour like that insurance company can.
You need somebody who hears your story, believes your story, and is willing to invest their time to present your story. If you hire me, I don’t get paid unless I win your case and get that insurance company to pay you what they owe you. There’s no set fee for that.
We don’t get paid until the end of the case. We pay all of the expenses, whether that’s filing fees at the court, paying for court reporters to take depositions, or hiring the best, most experienced expert witnesses out there. If I lose the case, that’s my money and time out the window. We charge you only if you win and we will take a percentage out of that reward.

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