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What happens during a personal injury claim?


After suffering a personal injury, people will call our office and say, “How long does this take?” or, “What’s involved in doing this?”Personal Injury Lawsuit Process There’s no real easy answer to that because every case is unique, but there are some basic things to know. First, get your medical attention. Second, hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, somebody who’s been down this path and who’s had success in representing people like you.
The first thing we’ll do is gather all of your medical bills and all of your medical records, and we’ll do it in the way that the court wants it done. In other words, not just you going and getting copies, but us getting them in the proper form. We’ll immediately contact the insurance company for the person that did this to you. We’ll make sure they’re not bothering you and hounding you. We’ll submit all the paperwork, we’ll prepare to go to court if necessary, and if they do the typical deny and delay, then get a personal injury lawyer that knows what they’re doing. We will fight for you immediately.

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