Truck Driver Log Inspections

Have you been severely injured? Here is what you should know about truck driver log inspections, then call our San Antonio attorneys now.

The trucking industry is required to abide by certain safety regulations in order to better protect the other drivers on the road. Truck drivers must inspect, properly maintain, and record load information, along with observing mandatory rest periods. Failure to do so could result in a fatal truck accident. Here is what you should know about truck driver log inspections.

Truck Driver Log Inspections | Requirements

Every driver of a commercial vehicle is required by law to keep a log of rest times and drive times. They must also do a pre-inspection of the rig before driving. This driver’s log is often a crucial piece of evidence in truck accident cases.

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Truck Driver Log Inspections | Why You Need a Lawyer

A semitruck accident lawyer will be aware of legal issues surrounding the driver’s log as well as other important evidence in trucking accident cases. The driver’s log will contain vital information about repairs and maintenance as well as the driver’s schedule. The driver must perform a pre-inspection of the rig before driving. This includes looking at past records and making sure any repairs marked for completion were actually done. The driver is also required to check for any fresh oil or coolant leaks as well as any low-hanging wires that may pose a threat. If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer or semitruck, contact a Texas semitruck accident lawyer right away. If the pre-inspection of the truck was performed properly, your injuries may have been prevented.

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