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Unlawful Vehicle Searches

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Question: Should I let the police search my car?


In Texas, if a police officer asks to search your vehicle and search your trunk, the answer ought to be no. There are some circumstances where an officer is going to be able to search your car, regardless if you give consent or not. If he stops you for a criminal offense and you’re driving the car, and he’s going to arrest you, then he can do what’s called an inventory search of your car. He’s going to be able to search your car anyways. Unlawful Vehicle Searches If an officer just asks to search your car – he didn’t stop you, he didn’t pull you over – the answer ought to be no because he needs a warrant. Secondly, you don’t know always what’s in your car. Other people use your car, you’ve had passengers in your car, and the fact is there could be something found in your car that will be attributed to you and get you charged with a criminal offense.

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Successful Case Defending DWI

Alfredo C. – The defendant was charged with possession of a controlled substance after an officer found the drugs in the defendant’s car.  The defendant was stopped, detained and his vehicle searched because according to the officer he was impeding traffic.  The case was dismissed after providing the prosecutor case law showing the officer was incorrect in stopping my client for the stated reason.